Moderators: Uros Ahcan (Ljubljani,Slovenia) and Carolina Andresen (Gaia,Portugal)

1. When implant-based breast reconstruction fails, what’s next - Philip Blondeel (Gent, Belgium) 15 min
Prepectoral vs subpectoral reconstruction - João Anacleto (Lisbon, Portugal) 10 min
3. PU implants vs ADM - Hugo Sequeira (Braga, Portugal) 10 min
Prophylactic mastectomy and genetic testing: an update - Isabel Oliveira (Porto, Portugal) 10 min
5. Revision surgery after implant-based breast reconstruction, what is effective - Uros Ahcan (Ljubljana, Slovenia) 15 min
6. Clinical Measurements in Implant Based Breast Reconstruction and Augmentation - Influence on Subsequent Choices - Cristian Radu Jecan (Bucharest, Romania) 15 min
7.Immediate Symmetrization in Brest reconstruction with Diep flap - Carlos Pinheiro & Gaizka Ribeiro (Lisbon, Portugal) 10 min

Discussion 5 min


Ljubljani, Slovenia
Gaia, Portugal
Carolina Andresen
Gent, Belgium
Phillip Blondeel
Lisbon, Portugal
João Anacleto
Braga, Portugal
Hugo Sequeira
Bucharest, Romania
Cristian Jecan
Lisbon, Portugal
Carlos Pinheiro

Conference Details

  • DATE: 06 Oct. 2022
  • TIME: 09:00 - 10:30
  • WHERE: ROOM D. LUÍS - Breast Reconstruction II