Moderators:  Ulrich Kneser (Germany) and Dirk Schaefer (Basel, Switzerland)

  1. Reconstruction of the vascular compromised Lower Extremity - Ulrich 
    Kneser (Ludwigshafen, Germany)
  2. Functional Muscle transfer in the Lower extremity - Milomir Ninkovic (Munich, Germany)
  3. Sensory reconstruction of the Lower Limb - Oskar Aszmann (Vienna, Austria)
  4. Anatomy of the Tibial and Peroneal nerve - Udo Maierhofer (Vienna, Austria)
  5. Achilles Tendon Reconstruction - Jan Plock (Aarau, Switzerland)
  6. Periosteal Flaps for Bony Non-unions - Steven Lo (Glasgow, Scottland)
  7. Orthoplastic Surgery Concept for implant-associated infections - Rik Osinga (Basel, Switzerland)


Ludwigshafen, Germany,
Ulrich Kneser
Basel, Switzerland
Dirk Schaefer
Milomir Ninkovic
Vienna, Austria
Oskar Aszmann
Vienna, Austria
Udo Maierhofer
Aarau, Switzerland
Jan Plock
Glasgow, Scotland
Steven Lo
Basel, Switzerland
Rik Osinga

Conference Details

  • DATE: 05 Oct. 2022
  • TIME: 11:30 - 13:00
  • WHERE: ROOM D. LUÍS - Lower Limb Reconstruction