Moderators: Augusta Cardoso (Portugal) and Rui Barbosa (Portugal)
                                                                                                                                                1. "Management of skin necrosis in implant immediate breast reconstruction" - Andreea Meruta (Romenia)                                                                                                                  2."Skin reduction immediate breast reconstruction with silicone implants in prepectoral approach with acellular dermal matrix (ADM)" - Andreea Meruta (Romenia)                        3."Preventing lateral migration of implants in reconstruction of large breasts in skin sparing mastectomy - a technical detail" - Artur Nixon Martins (Portugal)                                          4."Breast reconstruction with autologous tissues versus prosthesis: patient satisfaction, overall success, and complications" - Diogo Andrade Guimarães (Portugal)                        5."Postoperative seroma formation in immediate breast reconstruction" -  Maria Ferradosa de Albuquerque (Portugal)                                                                                                      6."Extreme oncoplastic surgery: how to avoid mastectomy in selected cases of malignant breast tumor" - Patricia Costa (Portugal)                                                                                7."The role of density in achieving volume and weight symmetry in autologous and implant-based breast reconstruction" - Michael Mayr-Riedler  (Germany)                            8."Results in direct to implant breast reconstruction outcomes in Irradieted vs non irradiated breast" - Diogo Andrade Guimarães  (Portugal)                                                    9. "Comparing Polyurethane and ADM implant cover in Pre-pectoral Breast Reconstruction: Short-term complications" - Jorge Correia Pinto (Portugal)                          10."Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) in breast procedures: current trends." - Marta Van Mourik Zoio (Portugal)                                                                                                            11. "A modified vertical pattern with dermal sling for skin sparing mastectomy (SSM) and immediate autologous breast reconstruction in ptotic breasts-application and clinical outcomes" - Guirgis A. Awad  (UK)                                                                                        12."Immediate breast reconstruction: 3 years experience of a tertiary hospital" - Marta Azevedo (Portugal)                                                                                                                13."Single Breast Reconstruction with Bilateral Profunda Artery Perforator Flaps in a Vertical Fashion" - Gustavo Neves Pereira (Portugal)                                                            14. Discussion 12 min 

Conference Details

  • DATE: 05 Oct. 2022
  • TIME: 17:00 - 18:30
  • WHERE: ROOM D. MARIA - Free Papers