Moderators: Giorgio De Santis (Modena, Italy) and Robert Walton (Chicago, USA)

1. “Unfavourable outcomes in maxilla and midface reconstruction: genesis, prevention strategies and management” - Peter Cordeiro (New York)
2. “Maxillary reconstruction: algorithm and concepts. The iliac crest flap” - Horácio Costa (Gaia, Portugal)
3. “Bone reconstruction of the mandible and maxilla by home-made CAD-CAM” - Jan Vranckx (Leuven, Belgium)   
4. “Extended indication in maxilla reconstruction” - Giorgio De Santis (Modena, Italy)          5. “Current approaches to total and sub-total nasal reconstruction” - Robert Walton (Chicago, USA)     


Modena, Italy
Giorgios Santis
Chicago, USA
Robert Walton
New York, USA
Peter Cordeiro
Gaia, Portugal
Horácio Costa
Leuven, Belgium
Jan Vranckx

Conference Details

  • DATE: 05 Oct. 2022
  • TIME: 11:30 - 13:00
  • WHERE: ROOM INFANTE - Head and Neck I