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Luc Teót

Luc Téot

MD , PhD, Assistant Professor of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Head Department of Plastic Surgery, Burns, Wound Healing Montpellier University Hospital

Diplomas: MD (1980) PhD (1992).


EWMA Scientific Recorder and member of the EWMA Council

Titles: Internat des Hopitaux Montpellier 1974., Médaille d'or de l'internat 1979., Chef de clinique - Assistant des Hopitaux 1982, Ass Prof 1988.
Qualified specialist in General Surgery: 1986. Qualified specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology : 1988.


Qualified in Plastic surgery : 1991.

International Publications : 153 (some in Lancet, Diabetis, JID)

Coordinated books : 7, chapters in books 16

Founding member of the French WHS, the Academy of Wound Technology, the Scar Club

Past President of the ETRS (2002-2004) and WUWHS (2004-2008)

Presently President of the French WHS, the Scar Club ( becoming G-Scars) and the Academy of Wound Technology

Editor in Chief of the Revue Francophone de Cicatrisation (Elsevier)

Board of  Wound Repair & Regeneration, IWJ, IJLEW, Vulnologia